Can You Repair my chrome rims in Middletown Ny?

Can you repair my chrome wheels?

Hi this is Manny from Manny’s Rim Repair.

The question today is can your fix my chrome rim?

Well that depends on what kind of fixing you are talking about.

If your rim is bent and cracked on the back side of the rim then yes we can straighten it and weld it and it should be fine.

If it cracks in the front side of he rim which is the finished side we can do the same.

We can fix it and straighten it.

However when it comes to the chrome part we can not replate it.

We can spray it with a similar kind of pain to touch up the area however its not exactly chrome in color.

The important thing is that we can fix it.

If appearance is not the most important thing to you then yes we can fix your rim so it is functional and safe.

However when it comes to replating chrome or sandblasting chrome or do anything else to make it look cosmetically better… no that we can not fix.

Thanks for listening.

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